Healthcare Agency Sellers Wanted

Healthcare Agency Sellers Wanted!!

Healthcare Agency Sellers Wanted!!

Vallexa Advisors has more than 13 years of experience in bringing qualified buyers to Sellers Nationwide within the Healthcare Field!! We are looking for those wanting to sell their Home Health, Hospice, Home Care & Behavioral Healths across the US. We have more than 600 already qualified buyers and more contacting us daily and we’d love a chance to share your business with them!

We work on a success only fee structure – you don’t pay us until you get paid!! We’ll market your agency, contact buyers with the financial backing to purchase, move you through the process to the closing table all without an upfront payment!! 

Contact our Director of Operations today via to have all your questions answered!

About Vallexa:
· Vallexa is an M&A advisory firm that specializes in Home Health, Home Care, Hospice, & Behavioral Health transactions; it’s our single, solitary focus and area of expertise.
· Our team of advisors all have years of experience dedicated specifically to healthcare mergers and acquisitions.
· We have THE largest universe of registered buyers out there. If someone’s looking to buy, we know about it.
· Due to our constant presence in the marketplace we have deep industry knowledge and know what is going on within the space at any given time, especially in terms of valuation trends from current as well as recent transactions.
The business model that Vallexa has developed is unique to the industry and fuses the most technologically advanced components with some of the most tried and true….the best of new and old. We combine web-based marketing (over 20 different domains), direct mail (every business buyer has an address), modern networking sites, and good old fashioned canvassing. And because of our presence online and in the community, if someone is looking to buy – we know about it. As a result, we add more buyers EVERY DAY. Simply put, at Vallexa we are young and hungry and work as hard as possible to make every transaction successful

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We are a member in good standing of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors, and M&A Source.